MIND DRIVINGby Stephen Haley is part of
the project

Mind Driving is a new approach to driving skill to help reduce crash risk. It also reduces stress and increases the enjoyment of driving. It is part of the Skilldriver road safety project.

Mind Driving reveals the untaught skills that really make driving safe.
They are the "thinking skills" that allow drivers to control danger.
Expert drivers use these skills, but they have not been explained before.

TRAINING:A range of talks and training courses is available, from a 1 hour introduction for drivers
to a full day workshop for instructors and trainers. Sessions can be tailored to specific requirements,
and a linked module on Young Drivers is also available. Please use contact to make an enquiry.
Driving Instructor groups use these events as part of their Continuing Professional Development (CPD).


Read about a four day MIND DRIVING training event for instructors in Scotland.

See these journal reviews, and also recommendations and sample pages below:

CARkeys logo CARkeys and ITV Motoring"This is the best book I have ever read on the subject of road driving, and perhaps the most important that has ever been written." Read the full review.
ITV logo
BusinessCar logo BusinessCar (review 1) "The most dangerous thing you can do is not

read it."Review 2"If the Government reads the most important new book on road safety for years it could have an earth-shattering impact on its policy."

Mind Driving

DIA logo Approved and recommended by the Driving Instructors Association in the UK:
"An amazing book by Stephen Haley... this is a genuine breakthrough in the field of road safety, that could revolutionise the way

people learn to drive. Every driver should read this book. No one involved in driver training or road safety can afford to be without it."

Further endorsements inside the book include the RAC Foundation, the AA Motoring Trust and other experts in road safety and driving.

Other recommendations include:

On Board Training logo On Board Training
"This is one of the

best training workshops I have had in 9yrs of driver training. The information and ideas sit exceptionally well to be integrated with and fill the gaps with DSA and Roadcraft publications. Seeds have been sown, now the ideas need to be cultivated and used to
best effect." (Training Director).
This was a four day Mind Driving event of driving instructor workshops and seminar talks, organised by OBT. Read more...

Care Motoring logo Care Motoring"Our ethos is that drivers should be safe for life, not just able to pass a test. Since we

saw Mind Driving it has been at the heart of our training - for young learners, advanced, nervous or elderly drivers. It unlocks the secrets of safe thinking, and we have proved these are teachable skills. Every driver who wants to be safe should read this book."

Bristol IAM RoadSmart Bristol IAM RoadSmartModern Driver Coaching day (open to other groups): "Stephen was one of four speakers, and concentrated on the importance of driver coaches emphasising attitude to risk and self-analysis. His 'Speed/Surprise/Space'

model struck home with many in the audience, and his quiet but engaging delivery went down very well. On behalf of Bristol Advanced Motorists and the whole audience, thanks to Stephen for being such an important part of a very successful, enjoyable and informative day."

BP logo BP Technology Centre"We asked Steve to run a series of 14 half-day Mind Driving seminars, as the core of our Driving Safety project. The content was extensively tailored to suit the project and worked very well. The approach is refreshingly different, feedback has been excellent,

and we are very pleased with the result. The aims of Mind Driving align directly with our broader Health and Safety objectives, and we will be recommending the approach to other BP sites."

Walkers logo Walkers Foods"To help extend our safety programme into the critical behavioural side of driving, Walkers held Mind Driving workshops run by Stephen Haley for the trainers and managers.

Feedback shows that this was extremely successful."The ongoing training programme for Walkers truck drivers now includes highly popular modules on Mind Driving.

IAM logo Newbury IAM"Many thanks for your superb talk last night - everybody was highly impressed. This was, by far, the most successful and stimulating Group evening that I can remember."
IAM logo Bristol IAM"Stephen Haley's approach makes so much sense and you wonder why it's not been adopted by the DSA many years ago. Our group chief observer kept uttering "brilliant" and

"stunning" during the talk, and he's been 'into' advanced driving for quite some years. We wholeheartedly recommend Stephen's talk to other IAM/ROSPA groups."

L of a Way 2 Pass logo L of a way 2 Pass"As an experienced driving instructor, I find Mind Driving superb for teaching pupils the 'mental' skills that safe drivers must have. This is lacking in the current L-test, which is geared towards the 'physical' skills. If

these skills were used by instructors and included in the DSA syllabus, we would produce far safer novice drivers than we do today."

Solent Advanced Motorcyclists logo Solent Advanced Motorcyclists
"Thanks for a 'knock-out' presentation last night. The members seemed enthralled. We will be contacting IAM HQ about this approach."
John Duffy logo John Duffy, bus and coach trainer (AUS)
"I just finished your book "Mind Driving"
- a great work. As a fellow trainer/author, I appreciate the effort you (and your family) endured. I wanted to especially thank you for the simplified and structured approach you presented. Such a complex task has been wonderfully

compartmentalised, for helping novices learn to experts instruct."

Progress logo Progress Driver Training"On first hearing about Mind Driving we were sceptical about 'new'

techniques. But that totally changed when we got hold of a copy, and we now use the approach in our training of Learners and Instructors. The techniques are easily adopted in the car, and for trainee instructors this book is essential reading. We applaud the contribution that Mind Driving makes to road safety and driver education."

William Ogilby logo William Ogilby Driver Training
(Northern Ireland) "Mind Driving is one of the most common sense driving books that I have ever read.

I have been so impressed that I give a copy to every one of my customers. I have found a BIG difference in their understanding of what is required behind the wheel - in how to deal with situations, and in planning not just reacting. Well done."

ADUK logo Advanced Driving UK"Our core mission is to reduce young driver casualties, and we have selected Mind Driving as our reference. It is

a unique breakthrough in driving skill, that is fully centred on how drivers think. It will change your perception of safe driving, and we highly recommend it to all drivers."

Cadence logo Cadence Driver Development, leading UK specialists in advanced and high performance driver coaching:"This thought-provoking

book is a major step forward in encouraging drivers to develop their 'thinking' - from novice through every stage of essential ongoing driver development."

U17CCC logo Under 17 Car Club"We run a structured programme to teach youngsters from age 11 to drive, developing both technical skills and

responsible attitudes. The best time to influence how drivers think is pre-licence, and Mind Driving fits this ethos perfectly. It explains the critical thinking skills in a way that is new but easy to use. Our novice drivers have much lower accident and conviction rates. We highly recommend the Mind Driving approach to all drivers and believe it should be built into Learner training as standard."

Jacobs logo Jacobs Engineering"Many thanks for the three Mind Driving seminars - a very

different and productive approach. Just what we wanted, and lots of positive feedback on being able to think about and control risk much better when driving. The reminder notes and certificates for the attendees are also greatly appreciated."

The Road logo The Road, the Thinking Motorcyclist website:"We highly recommend

Mind Driving to all riders. For the first time it takes riding beyond the traditional Roadcraft method. It complements The System brilliantly, and shows riders how to drastically improve safety by taking real control of their road space. Just one especially critical idea for riders is to see themselves as part of hazards, and not simply victims of other drivers."

Alphabet logo Alphabet, part of the BMW Group: "Mind Driving is a highly innovative,
BMW logo precise and carefully thought-through breakthrough in teaching driving skills. Promoting safety is a key part of Alphabet's similar approach to providing fleet funding and management solutions and we are

delighted to have been given permission to offer the 'Sense of Danger' section of Mind Driving as a free download from our website."

Drive & Survive logo Drive & Survive"As a leading provider of assessment and coaching for business drivers, we wholeheartedly endorse the advice and guidance in this important new book. It mirrors the techniques we have promoted over the last 20 years, and even

experienced drivers will benefit from reading it."

Drivers Domain UK logo Drivers Domain UK "Mind Driving is a much

needed book, that successfully addresses what real world safe driving is all about and why accidents happen... all done in a way that will make the general public sit up and take notice. We will be recommending Mind Driving to all our trainees and customers."

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Gaining the skills (pdf 131KB)

Sense of danger (pdf 146KB)

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Legal speeding (pdf 95KB)

Being predictable (pdf 73KB)

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AADriveTech logo AA DriveTech"I would like to express my thanks for the talk you gave to our Fleet Trainers at

Basingstoke. The feedback I have (and continue to receive) is consistently very positive. The concepts you explored certainly hit a new spot for many in the way they understand the mindset of drivers and how we can best positively work with them to reduce road risk. We hear much of behaviour and attitude, but very rarely about the beliefs drivers hold. Very many thanks for your work with DriveTech." (National Training Manager)

Shell logo Shell UK Oil Products"Enjoyed your thought provoking Mind Driving workshop. Subsequent to the session, have shared your Trainers Top Ten with our project team. Greatly appreciate the energy and

enthusiasm you have clearly brought to the subject of driving safely, and plan to cascade your message where possible."

MSA North West logo Motor Schools Association of Great Britain"The North West Regional Committee would like to express its thanks to Stephen Haley for the talk to our Annual Seminar & AGM. The

seminar grew in strength with each presenter, culminating in a very mind stretching and enthralling presentation. As Chairman of the Region I thoroughly recommend Steve's efforts to educate the 'powers that be' via "Mind Driving" and also advocate the research and theory behind the presentation. Other MSA Regions are highly recommended to use the book and the presentation as part of any CPD seminar. In conclusion: Outstanding!"

SAM/IAM logo Severn Advanced Motorcyclists
"Much appreciated talk to the club, feedback has been excellent: "What a thought stimulating way

to enhance our driving and life", "Superb talk on Tuesday, a real paradigm shift for me - experience CAN be taught"."

BDI logo Berkshire Driving Instructors
"Thank you for an excellent talk. We've had lots of feedback saying how good it was, and how much everyone enjoyed

it. The committee are keen to consider holding a workshop, and we will be contacting you again."

Workshop: "Thanks for a brilliant days training yesterday, we all enjoyed it. Please send the Conditions of Use so we can use extracts."

Oxford IAM logo Oxford IAM"Your talk got a rave review from a lot of our members. I had quite a number thanking me at this months meeting for arranging it, so passing on

the thanks – Thanks Steve!!"

RoSPA logo Kent RoSPA"On behalf of the members thank you for a very thought provoking and informative talk on Young Drivers. It gave us all an excellent insight into how young drivers

think and behave. Very useful for our driving instructor members, and based on your research and presentation, we can develop our strategy to encourage younger members into the Group. We are really pleased to have the follow on presentation, well done Steve."

Care Motoring logo Care Motoring"Thanks to Steve for an excellent workshop on Thursday evening to Norfolk driving

instructors, with members of IAM and RoSPA. Comments received during the break and at the end were very enthusiastic. Further positive ADI comments on Facebook included: "Mind Driving! Enjoyed the CPD presentation, very interesting, and a new angle on instructing." and "I've been pushing Speed/Surprise/Space today. Makes 'em think!"."

WADDIA logo Watford & District Driving Instructors Association"Brilliant presentation. All the attendees were highly impressed and have not stopped talking about the ideas. We have written to the DSA asking them to

give this approach serious consideration."

IAM logo Guildford & District IAM"Thanks very much for a really inspiring and thought provoking talk. A couple who had seen it before said it was even better the second time. We will certainly recommend to other groups."
Suffolk RoADAR logo Suffolk RoADAR"Thanks for a great talk. Feedback from members has been positive, an interesting way of looking at driver training, especially

from someone outside the industry. We look forward to seeing your progress with the DSA."

Thames Valley RoADAR logo Thames Valley RoADAR"Thank you for what was a very popular session on Wednesday evening. It's a challenge to find something new and

interesting. I've had yet more positive feedback even since emailing you. I have no doubt we would benefit from another session at some point so I will be in touch in future."

LCDDIA logo Lewes Coastal District Driving Instructors Association"A very informative presentation. The group

felt you came to it from a very different and original angle than others in the business. Plenty of 'nuggets' of information to take away and digest, and use to make our pupils THINK about their driving."This session was tailored to focus on "Understanding Young Drivers".

NWLondonIAM logo North West London and Chilterns Group of Advanced Motorists"Mind Driving is a well-thought-out and useful addition to the Advanced Driver’s bookshelf. It covers in detail important aspects of driving which are hardly touched on in the

publications that we commonly use and is especially relevant to Observers." (Chief Observer)

CIA logo CIA Driver Training"We have begun using the core ideas of Mind Driving with our pupils. The approach gives

them a solid grounding in safety in addition to being prepared for the test. It makes them think and helps them learn some vital points more quickly. We are continuing to develop this teaching to be even more sure that we are training new drivers in all of the skills they need for a long and safe motoring career."

Mind Riding logo Mind Riding, the Expert rider course "We were so impressed with Mind Driving that we saw an immediate need to make the ideas available to motorcyclists. We

have developed the Mind Riding training course as a combination of study and on-road riding, based on Mind Driving as the core text. It captures what it means to master the skills of the Expert rider - enjoying themselves and riding safely. It really is about how you think!"

ClubDriving logo ClubDriving"A unique and interesting perspective on

the cognitive aspects of driving mastery. Rather than focusing on the motor skills, Mind Driving addresses what matters most in respect of driving safety - the human aspects of driving."

AIRSO logo Association of Industrial Road Safety Officers"highly recommends Mind Driving." AIRSO is the highly respected and influential road safety organisation which includes some of

the most prominent figures in the industry. They also run the annual Blue Light Users Conference.

IMTD logo Institute of Master Tutors of Driving
"A refreshing approach to driving which places emphasis on self-reliance, attitude and responsibility. A welcome addition to the shelves of driver training manuals."